What is Nitrox?


Compared to air, Nitrox contains a lower percentage of nitrogen. Nitrogen narcosis and decompression sickness are caused by nitrogen. Specially if conducting multiple dives, Nitrox will give you more safety. Take the possibility and dive Nitrox with us.

What does NITROX mean?

Nitrox: ("N i t r") short for Nitrogen and ("o x") Oxygen.

It is not a difficult mixture. We only increase the oxygen percentage and decrease the nitrogen part. Depending on the percentage of oxygen within the mixture we talk about Nitrox32 (32% oxygen) for example.

Why is it better to dive with Nitrox?

Because of Nitrox contains a less percentage of nitrogen then air our tissues absorbs less Nitrogen. That is the reason why the risk to suffer from a decompression sickness is less. Moreover the higher oxygen percentage enhances a better well-being. If you are diving with Nitrox but you let your computer in the air mode you will dive more conservative from the DCS management point of view.

For whom Nitrox is interesting?

You don´t have to be a technical-diver to dive with Nitrox.

Nitrox is recommended for everybody!
Especially if you dive a lot like on holiday or you are conducting multiple dives, Nitrox is the better choice.  But also Novice are doing well with diving Nitrox because of the difficulties of keeping the balance and the buoyancy.

Course requirements:

You just have to be a certified diver and be minimum 15years old.